This is the privilege at the age of 40 years

This is the privilege at the age of 40 years

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Life begins at forty...

The phrase was so popular that those who were 40 years old had to prepare themselves for a new life. Then why should it be 40? Yes maybe because of that age a human being is emotionally mature. Muhammad received God's revelation at the age of 40 and held the title Rasulullah (messenger of Allah) as well as previous prophets. In some countries there is a requirement to become a leader of someone who must be 40 years old. It is so special to be 40 years old that it is enshrined in the Koran (Al-Ahqaf verse 15). So it is not excessive if congratulations take a new life worthy of those who are 40 years old.

In seminars on success, age 40 is the last target to become an economically well-established person. This means that someone is considered not successful if at the age of 40 there are no significant changes in his career and finances. An employee who is up to 40 is still a staff, so the possibility of going to a higher level will be very difficult. An entrepreneur if at the age of 40 he has not delegated his authority to another person then he is considered a failure. A woman aged 40 is recommended by a doctor (not prohibited) not to get pregnant and give birth. No company takes risks by accepting applicants aged 40 years and over except for managerial positions.

This is the privilege at the age of 40 years

According to Mario Teguh, age 40 and up is the age to enjoy life and sharing. According to him, ages 20 to 30 are a period of learning and learning. At this stage pay is not the most important thing, but the value of learning and experience from work is more important. Then the age of 30 to 40 is the time to work hard and set a "price". With education, ability and experience one can determine how much he deserves to be paid, and if someone has a high quality then at this stage he will be able to collect coffers for early retirement at the age of 40 years. Now, in the training that is now in trend, the trainers sell their training packages with the title: Pension young retirees are rich. The point is everyone wants to be economically established at the age of 40.

Now how do those who at the age of 40 have not succeed according to the size of life management? For example, he still lives in a rented house, does not have a personal vehicle, does not have a permanent job, is still an ordinary staff or worker, does not have a life companion, cannot hire people (for entrepreneurs) and "not yet" others. Many agree that it is unlikely that they will succeed after the age of 40, even though there are some people who actually "streak" after age 40.

I am among those who fail when referring to indicators of success. As a loser the first thing I look for is excuses to entertain myself. I will say: I am indeed not economically or career success but I have family and friends who understand and support me. Secondly I have to redefine my own success, not according to Mario Teguh, Tung Desem Waringin, Antoni Robin or anyone else. I want to say: I enjoy this life. I don't bother other people. The fortune that I eat and what I spend on my family is halal fortune is not the result of corruption or deception. I am not jealous or nosy about the success of others. And more importantly, I am always grateful and can still share with others.

If it is like the 40th day it is before the ashar. At this age we will be vulnerable to diseases. God will diminish the enjoyment he has given us: pleasures of sight, hearing, tasting (tongue), movement and others. In the next five or ten years our hair will be white, our skin will wrinkle, our standing will not stand before and our voice will sound hoarse. Finally let us pray: YES LORD, MAKE OUR AGE WAS TO STILL IN THE STREET. THEY SAY ONLY TO ME I HAVE TO STAY AND BACK ...

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