Secure it immediately. Your Facebook Using Yahoo Email, It's Easy to Hack !!!

Secure it immediately. Your Facebook Using Yahoo Email, It's Easy to Hack !!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Your  Facebook Use Yahoo Email , It's Easy to Hack !!! Immediately Confirm and Secure . The title is scary !!! I update here The title is " How to Confirm and Secure a Legacy Facebook Account via Email "   True to the fact that e-mail is very easy to hack for those already connected on old facebook.

Connected to old Facebook means an Facebook account that is around 10 to 15 years old and uses an e-mail account as its main email.

Why is the yahoo Facebook account easy to hack? It's easy to hack because the Yahoo account is no longer active and can't be accessed which is likely to make all Yahoo accounts that age when Yahoo is sold to other parties, so all old Yahoo accounts that are inactive have been deleted from the Yahoo data base.

Meanwhile, these emails are still related to millions of Facebook accounts. This is where the opportunity for netizens to take over an old facebook account that uses e-mail from Why can I say this, My experience is from confusion because I forgot the password to log in to my old facebook while I can't access the email anymore to confirm my password reset via yahoo email. I have not been able to log in to some of my old Facebook accounts for years.

Secure it immediately.  Your Facebook Using Yahoo Email, It's Easy to Hack !!!

"Thank God, finally at the beginning of October 2018 I managed to find a way to get my old Facebook account that had been forgotten or forgot the password."

How to? The way please follow the steps below:
  • How to Confirm and Secure a Lawas Facebook Account via Email  First you have to know the email address of the account that will be restored via e-mail If you forget the email, please do this; open as usual then select forget password then type in the user name which is usually found in the link to my profile for example like then take the username at the end after the slash mark / User Name is the user name that is read in the addres bar User Name: >>  misterseekers << or you can use your Facebook name for more convenience, but the name on Facebook is usually a lot the same, sometimes Facebook doesn't display our name in the search results.
  • How to Confirm and Secure your Facebook Account Legacy via Email  Second, after you enter your user name or the name of your facebook right will generally appear sekitas your profile with the email address that is in appearance like m****** nah if you remember and can complete this email you will be easy to validate your email on Yahoo later. But if you fully remember Yahoo email for this Facebook login, you don't need to do this. If you remember your Yahoo e-mail, please follow the third step below.
  • How to Confirm and Secure Lawas Facebook Account via Email  Third, please go to page  to verify whether your email is still active and can still be used or also can no longer be accessed. If your email is still active, you must remember your Yahoo e-mail password, but if the e-mail is no longer active and cannot be accessed, please re-register the e-mail exactly the email you have. After you successfully register your email, please return to the page then log in with the email that you registered earlier on Select the forgotten password again and enter the email address that you created earlier and please confirm by selecting the Forgot Password button on and asking for verification via your email After you ask for confirmation via e-mail, you don't need to wait a long time for the confirmation code to be sent facebook to the e-mail you created earlier. Please confirm with the code you received in your Yahoo email. Taram ... Facebook You can log in perfectly.
So  How to Confirm and Secure an Old Account Facebook via Email , That's the point the main content of this article I have spilled with what it is and the important point is to get it !!! Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for all.