Once upon a time a teacher was very clever

Once upon a time a teacher was very clever

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Once upon a time a teacher was very clever. Because of his intelligence and intelligence he has many students and is loved by many people. The teaching panel is always filled with people who are thirsty to study.

It has become the habit of the teaching council he leads, when he wants to graduate his students he always gives advice and advice as a provision for his students to navigate their lives later.

"My students, whom I love, don't feel that you have studied and studied for a long time in this assembly. Time seems to go so fast that you don't have to leave this assembly." said the teacher starting his advice.

With his gaze, the teacher looked at his pupil one by one. A moment later he continued, "I have learned a lot of knowledge and give it to you, but that is not enough as your provision in the future of you, but there are many teachers who are more clever and come to know and experience. who is wise and fair in giving and teaching his knowledge to you beyond me, think and be ashamed of him as much as possible, do not be ashamed and lazy to ask nature. " The words are cool, gentle and uplifting are always the teacher's words to his students.

"Before I put an end, tell me one thing: Know my students, the human being consists of four groups: The first group is a clever group of people who know themselves clever, for this group, come and learn to them. second is the group who are clever but do not know that they are clever, they are the ones who are negligent, to remind them, for the third group they are fools who know they are stupid. last or fourth, are those who are stupid but do not know that they are stupid.

Wonosari, 06052010 Reference: from the Site https://www.kompasiana.com Titled the Teacher's Guide