How to Verify Domain Ownership on Facebook Business

How to Verify Domain Ownership on Facebook Business

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Domain verification can be done free and for the security of your content. Businesses can verify domains online so they can edit links to their domains.

What is domain verification? Domain verification in Business Manager provides an easy way for businesses to show ownership of their domain without having to edit the Open Graph markup on their website.

Business Managers also allow businesses to easily assign verified pages to their domains and share those domains with trusted partners. Domain verification supports the protection and integrity of your content to ensure it is not wrong when displayed.

By verifying your domain, you claim and maintain control over the privileges of editing your content and links.

How to Verify Domain Ownership on Facebook Business

How do you verify the domain in Business Manager? Domain verification has 2 verification methods: Upload HTML files and DNS TXT records. These two methods offer an efficient approach to verifying your domain without having to edit HTML metadata on your website. Visit the Facebook developer site for instructions on verifying your domain.

What happens if I don't verify my domain? Starting May 8, 2018, you cannot edit links to organic page posts or posting links to unpublished pages unless you have verified the domain in Business Manager. Domain verification ensures that only authorized parties can edit the link preview that leads to your content to reduce the risk of misleading statements.

Learn more about domain verification or if you encounter problems, learn how to debug.

How to Verify Domain Ownership on Facebook Business.  Prepare Your Business Manager With Business Manager, you can manage permissions for everything related to your business on Facebook. Here are some tasks to help you get started:
  • Add pages that are connected to your business. The page is needed to run most types of ads on Facebook.
  • If you run ads on Facebook for business, then you can add an existing ad account or create a new ad account in Business Manager.
  • Add everyone who works on your Facebook page or ad account. They will receive an invitation to join this Business Manager.
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