How to Permanently Eliminate Ads on Xiaomi Phones

How to Permanently Eliminate Ads on Xiaomi Phones . More cool brain tinkering cell phone suddenly there are advertisements appearing on your cellphone, Don't worry I have a way so that the ads instantly disappear in your application or cellphone forever.

Ads will usually appear in the File Manager, but the ads that appear can we eliminate instantly. How to? Please apply the steps as I will describe below.

First Step  How to Permanently Eliminate Ads on Xiaomi Phones , please open your cellphone settings then select Privacy then scrool down then you will find options >> Advertising Services << Open Advertisements Service Options, then it will appear Personalize ad recommendations whose description is when the feature is turned off , You can still see the same number of ads as when turned on, but not based on your personal data or behavior data.

How to Permanently Eliminate Ads on Xiaomi Phones

The first step above is one step to disable ads that are personalized to advertising recommendations only. Please Off the Personalize button ad recommendation.

The Second Step (Most Important)  How to Permanently Remove Ads on Xiaomi Phones , Please open the File Manager Select Menu in the Left Left Corner   Then select settings then select About or About Last search Recommendation then Off the button, complete. Then the ads on your cellphone will disappear instantly.

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Thus this time, that is the  way to permanently get rid of advertisements on Xiaomi phones. Hopefully they will be useful and thank you.


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